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 is a Swiss born Producer/Director/Camerawoman/Video-Journalist 


Over the last 20 years, independently and in several languages with no outside financial assistance, Charlotte has written, shot, produced and edited nearly 20documentaries on Human rights, environment and woman's issues. The short versions have all be sold to and aired on the cultural 3sat-TV for German Languages (ZDF, Swiss TV, ORF)

Charlotte spent over 40 years travelling the world as an Independent.
First as a freelance camerawoman, then as her own producer. Charlotte has written, shot and edited a wide variety from Children's, Woman's, News and Scientific programs to Documentaries, mainly in third world countries and even in war zones. These films have then be offered and aired mainly to the European based German speaking Cultural TV station 3 sat and Swiss TV.

Charlotte began as a Photographer, then did a internship at Swiss TV as one of the first camera-women in the 1970's, before studying film at the AFI. She has taken part in numerous workshops, among them with the late Polish Director Krzystof Kieslowski, has taught at several Art schools and regularly shows and speaks about her documentaries at German speaking Universities.

Two decades ago, following a close encounter with cancer, she left the professional “rat-race” and dedicated herself solely to documentaries and to teaching video skills to the youth of traditional and indigenous communities, enabling them to fight their own social and political battles via video and the Internet.


At the moment she is mainly working on a multilingual multimedia project, programmed herself and has developed it together with the Latin American correspondent Sandra Weiss.

2017 -   "Reports from South America"

​Sandra Weiss, journalist, and

Charlotte Eichhorn, filmmaker,

documented  over the years the largely ignored and creeping genocide in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia.

German, Spanish Version

2016  “He won her With Fish!”

Love and Life as they happen in

a Fishermen’s Village in Brazil    


78 Min-HD- English

2014  “Doctora Mariana and the Lost World of the Mby′a- Guarani”

The Fight for Survival and Ancestral Lands of an Indigenous Tribe

82 Min-HD-English, Spanish, German Version


2013   “Zoff im Paradies”

Das Dorf Prainha do Canto Verde im Nordosten Brasiliens

German 45 Min +82 Min HD



2010   „Bio gegen  die „Grüne Revolution“

 Strategien gegen Klimawandel und Hunger 


German 30 Min HD


2009  “The Non-Violent Rebel”

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Peace Nobel 1980

52 Min-HD Spanish-English Subtitles/ Commentary


English, Spanish and German Version

2008    „Blutgetränkte Erde“

Pistoleros, Feudalherren und Justiz gegen das brasilianische Volk der Xukuru

German 30 Min HD

2008 „Quilombolas“

Afrikanische Seelen in brasilianischer Haut

 German 30 Min HD


2007    “Women Reach out”

Shadow of the Long White Cloud

Maori and Pakhea in Aotearoa – New Zealand

English, German 30 Min HDV

2007  “Mangrove Swampes, Indigenous Identity and Woman Power”

The Environmental Career of a Swiss Woman in Brazil

English, German 30 Min HDV


2006  “The Right to Drinking Water”

Sun + Water + PET = SODIS

English, German 30 Min HDV


2005  “Piraten, Landhaie und Umweltsünder”

Ein Dorf wehrt sich

Langzeitdokumetation im Nordosten Brasiliens

German 50 Min SD

2004  „Eine Schweizer Araberin“

Ein Arbeitsportrait von

Saïda Keller-Messahli

German, French , 30 Min SD

2003    “Störfall Reportage”

Im Gewöhnlichen das Aussergewöhnliche sehen

Ein Arbeitsportrait der Journalistin 

Margrit Sprecher

German 30 Min SD

2003   “In Love with Science”

A Swiss Amazon in Amazonia

English, German 30 Min SD


2002  “Smoke over Amazonia”

 Struggle for Survival

Leave Global Footprints

English, German 30 Min SD

1999  “KultUrschock”

10 Jahre kulturelle Freiheit in St. Petersburg

German 52 Min SD

1999  “Freelancer”

 Life with an Autistic Child

 45 Min SD -English Subtitles

German, Swiss German Dialekt  45 Min SD


1995 „Survive“

After-effects of an internment: survivors of Japanese internation camps and their


English, Swiss German Dialect , German 52 Min SD

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